Organic Cotton Thong

SKU: B333


Only available on orders over $40
Color: Moss

Luxurious and super-soft organic cotton thong.  This tantalizing thong has a seamless shaping front and a cute thong back.  Small printed BA logo on the back. Washing instructions printed on inside back panel.  

What is Organic Cotton?

Unlike regular cotton, organic cotton is produced without the use of toxic chemicals or GMOs and is safer for both the environment and humans.

Since it hasn’t been treated with harsh chemicals, it’s a higher quality fabric that’s much less likely to cause irritation.

Hand-picked, organic cotton fibers don’t get weakened or broken in the process, resulting in a softer, more durable, and breathable product.

  • Designed in USA/Imported for BodyAware
  • Sleek and soft organic cotton thong
  • Shaped and seamless front
  • Cute thong back
  • 95% organic cotton/5% spandex
  • Machine wash

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