MMUK MAN Eyeliner For Men


Only available on orders over $40
Color: Black

Expert Finish Guyliner Kohl Pencil For Men

Frame your eyes professionally with MMUK MAN’s expert finish eyeliner pencil for men.  This guyliner kohl pencil is perfect for the modern-day subtle makeup for men fan.  Whether you’re preparing for a gig or in the office and about town, one thing is for certain gentlemen; a masculine enriched, slick look is now just a few clicks away. 

We’re not here to blind you with science and over-complicate our formulas: A modern-day man simply needs to know what he’s getting for his money.  It’s easy - a long-lasting professional formula, which promotes quick and easy application...An ultra-fine finish to harness masculinity and maintain subtlety and finally a quick-drying formula, which can be smudged to create the ultimate drama, should you be searching for that rock god look.

Male celebs such as Russell Brand and Adam Levine have made guyliner and other makeup for men products a real hit in the entertainment industry over recent years; make your own hit, courtesy of MMUK MAN’s best eyeliner for men.  With one quick and easy application, you can turn dull, faded and jaded eyes into fountains of soul, wisdom, and success and have onlookers captivated for all the right reasons.  There’s only one thing left to ask...Are you a guyliner kinda guy?

  • Size - 7g (.28 oz)
  • Made in Canada

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