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Welcome to the BodyAware Outlet Shop, where customers can find awesome bargains on stunning undies from around the world! 
BodyAware Toiletry Travel Bag $12.95 $17.95
Tribal Swim Brazilian $19.95 $29.95
Freestyle YogaAware Tank $13.95 $24.95
Peace Swim Brief $12.95 $23.95

The TLC Brief $10.95 $16.95
Pure Silk Mini Brief $14.95 $21.95
Metallic Velvet Brief $12.95 $18.95
Eminence Tanga $14.95 $16.95

Brazilian Silk Brief $15.95 $22.95
Breezy Fishnet Thong $11.45
The Space Grunge Tanga $17.95 $21.95
Toga Thong $12.95

Fishnet Ring Jock $15.00
#SolocupSaturday Brief $10.00 $17.95
Lace Jock $11.95
The Peacock Mesh Swim Brief $14.95 $26.95

Toga Tanga $12.95
#MargaritaMonday Brief $10.00 $17.95
Tame the Beast Pouch $11.95
#ThirstyThursday Brief $10.00 $17.95

Score some incredible deals on stylish and comfortable men's underwear by shopping at Body Aware's online outlet store. This collection is where we keep all our biggest and best deals, including huge discounts on some of our most unique styles. Browse through to discover fun colors and styles you may never have considered before.From sexy thongs to comfortable satin briefs, you never know what you might come across in our outlet. With these bargain prices, you'll be able to stock up on several fun pieces without breaking the bank. Plus, our free shipping offer on orders of $50 or more makes it even more affordable. Check out the full collection of stylish, stunning undies to find a few fresh styles for your collection. Stock up some everyday essentials or get something a bit more daring to surprise your partner with, it's up to you!

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