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We caught up with BodyAware’s favorite model to ask him some hard-hitting questions about the his modeling career, and of course, about how he keeps it crazy, sexy, cool.

Age: 23
Height: 6’2
Weight: 180
Shoe size: 11
Zodiac sign: Libra
Favorite food: Japanese
Woman crush: Nicole Mejia
Man crush: Brad Pitt
Nationality: American Canadian
Turn-on: A very nice butt
Your best feature: Abs
Favorite TV show: Walking Dead
Favorite music: country

How long have you been modeling?

Three years.

What was your first gig?

A runway show for Reebox.

What is your favorite type of modeling?

Print. Commercial and editorial.

What is your favorite style of underwear?


What do you do to prepare for a shoot?

Get a haircut. Whiten my teeth. Apply skin products. Eat fruit.

How do you keep your body in great shape?

Genes. I eat healthy and do lots of strength training. Oh, and lot’s of sex!

What’s your favorite exercise routine?

Everything 5 times a week.

Your favorite guilty pleasure?

Chick Flicks. I love the Notebook.

Do you manscape?

Yes, in moderation.

Why do you model?

My mother. From the very beginning, she’s the one who encouraged me to try it because I had the look.

What is your dream modeling job other than BodyAware?

A Calvin Klein campaign.

Do you feel there is a stigma against men wearing “skimpy” underwear?

Yes, especially here in America. Men should be allowed to wear whatever they want.

How long have you been modeling for BodyAware?

Two years

What is your favorite BodyAware product?

The one with the tail (Furries J-String)

Who in the modeling world inspires you?

Lars Burmeister because he’s handsome. He exudes confidence and discipline with his modeling and his craft. He’s perfection!

Any upcoming projects?

More BodyAware, of course!

Your favorite quote or mantra?

“You can’t plant the fruit, if you don’t plant the root.”

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September 29, 2017

Michael and BodyAware are a match made in heaven. The new cover photo of Michael modeling the Blessed From Behind Brief is so beautiful! Michael’s gravity defying Blessed From Behind pouch is stuffed so full of Himself. How does He do that? The secret behind His Instagram handle? And so thick looking! Completely adorable.

To see just how Blessed From Behind Michael actually is, check out the style page for the Bodycon Jock, the rear view with the gift-wrap red ribbon straps … the most beautiful, most adorable, male derriere in all the world!

Bless You Michael! Thank You BodyAware!


September 20, 2017

In the New Arrivals photo for the Denim Stirrup Legging, It looks as though the legging was air-brushed directly onto Michael’s awesome body..Our Adoni is modeling a gorgeous ensemble that includes cool looking balck demi-boots and a Neat Mesh Tank, also in black. The continuity of show-though from tank to legging reveals almost all of Michael’s exquisite form. And check out those Adoni buns! They’re just incredible.

I also really like the second New Arrivals window shot of Michael modeling the Rare Earth Tanga. My excitement ramps right up when Michael touches himself and Michael’s Rare Earth Tanga pouch seems to share my excitement in this sexy photo! What an intimate touch and what a beautiful curl. The image is so perfectly composed and shot. The pouch looks like liquid silver in the natural sunlight.

BodyAware outerwear styles seem to be a hot new trend. I know I’m enjoying watching Michael and His BA modeling mates mix and match hot BA styles that can be seen and purchased together. It makes shopping BodyAware a lot easier and even more fun! Thank You.


September 14, 2017

Discovering Michael’s sexy male voice was a seminal moment for me. Its timber and quality, the way He talks and the words He uses, all resonate deeply in my heart, and other pleasure centers as well. Michael popped a lot of corks and ignited a small, but heart felt controversy over the relative merit of His various “sides”. As a full devotee of Adoni’s precious little bum, the best in all Undiedom, I felt some of the tension myself. And how to reconcile falling completely in love with Michael’s “weak” side and the enthralling , sexy edge of His “strong” side? The primacy of His “best” side over the exquisitely perfect shape and ineffable, facial quality beauty of His gorgeous backside?

After careful analysis, and taking the “Best Side” thrill ride maybe a million times, I’ve concluded that the entire controversy in a tempest in a BodyAware teapot! First of all. Michael’s “weak” side is completely fake. It’s jut Michael striking a slightly softer pose, putting his hands over His heart and a look of sweet innocence on His incredibly handsome face. The body of evidence clearly supports my view. There’s a hint of a smile on Michael’s lips, it smacks of that wry male humor that’s so prevalent at BodyAware, and then there’s that huge curled out pouch hanging so prominently between His shapely thighs! Sweet? Yes! Innocent? Well maybe. if Michael says so. The only physical asymmetry in Michael is beautifully and prominently on display in “Hello Boys” Just Breathe Tanga pouch, where one His adorably plump pair hangs a little lower than its twin.

I agree with Michael about His best side. There’s no question that Adoni’s ideally sized and incredibly beautiful endowment, paired with His large, lovely loins, is the pinnacle of Michael’s perfection. Vision follows muscular flow directly into His BodyAware pouch. The good news is that you don’t have to give up adoring Michael’s Adoni buns to accept the full primacy of what Adoni packs in His pouch. Hello Boys shows us how easy it is to adore both!

Michael is boldly beautiful and unabashedly sexy. His precious bum has had my heart from the beginning and Adoni has been my hero and idol since he modeled the Silver Surfer. Talk about a beautiful pouch arrangement! Michael’s precious little bum doesn’t compete, it complements. It’s the buck in our gorgeous American Cowboy, the perfect partner to His Best Side.

Hello Boys is so awesome! Michael’s hair is styled to complement an open look theme, highlighting His fine facial features, including an adorable little “weak” side ear. Though there are no visible hands in the photo, the shoot was clearly an “all hands” production at BodyAware. Two seconds before? Hands all over Him! It’s a gorgeous centerfold
quality photograph. Thank You to everyone involved!

My latest order included the LSD Tanga and the Spartan and Modern mid-shorts. I really like the trend towards more BodyAware outerwear and sportswear. Michael and His modeling mates at BA look really hot in mix and match bodysuits and jeans, or the Mesh Bomber Jacket with slacks or BA leggings, shorts with tank tops, all great ways to fly your BodyAware Colors!

As for our Adoni, Michael clearly thrives on attention and adoration. He looks totally buff in Best Side, as though just from the gym and a shower. And He’s all but completely in the buff modeling the Italian Transparent Tactel Tanga. The lovely cerise color provides just the right show through for an almost nude look. I have the Just Breathe Tanga in black, but I also plan to get the plum thong and the tanga again in Turquoise. Fingers crossed on that one.

Thank you Michael and BodyAware for making this season the most exciting ever!


August 21, 2017

If you haven’t yet seen Michael’s “Best Side” video on Instagram, then I envy you the first time experience! Be prepared because it’s a thrill ride – also make sure your sound is turned up as you won’t want to miss a single word of the sexy dialog: http://bit.ly/2vSSpsK

Michael’s voice fits his image as perfectly as the Bodycon does.


August 10, 2017

Both BodyAware and Michael have honed perfection to a whole new level with the introduction of the Eros Satin Brief. At first I thought it was the Greek God Brief in new colors. and from the front it very much is, but then I clicked on a rear view (mauve) and was completely blown away by one of the the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen at BodyAware!

The Eros center seat seam has been completely revamped and the result is an entirely new look. The shaping seam is now much shallower at the top, in fact entirely flat for some distance from the waistband, then gradually increasing in depth to perfectly localize the most intimate and delectable area between Adoni’s gorgeous cheeks. The look is pwerfully seductive and completely adorable!

Michael’s those gorgeous cheeks also have a brand new new look for modeling the Eros! With no apparent effort Michael holds them much tighter, tight enough to discern major and minor muscle groupings, and there are planar areas, perfectly symmetric, each cheek a mirror image of the other. Even as tightly held as they are, there’s absolutely no sign of clinching, each cheek stands pert and pretty, completely open to both individual or joined adoration. Michael’s Adoni buns have never been more beautiful.

I barely missed discovering the Eros in time to include it with the order I placed today. I got the Showstopper Zip and Spartan Leggings. I will have Eros on my very next order.

Thank you BodyAware and Michael!


August 08, 2017

Matt, Your adoration is not misplaced! I love every frame of Model Michael, including the coin-of-the-realm image chosen for the title frame above. The Brazilian Silk Brief has a gorgeous flip-side! What can I say, BodyAware are perfectionists in everything they do and our Adoni is perfection itself! Michael’s beautiful pouch arrangements are featured throughout the catalog, especially c-thru styles like the Just Breathe Tanga (I’m wearing mine today and love it). Michael also has an especially adorable pouch arrangement for the beautiful Eminence Tanga (gorgeous silk) .

Adonl’s awesome little rump gets its fair share of attention too! Michael clearly enjoys being fussed over and we love watching! Pouch curling is an Adoni specialty and it’s a very special treat in several Model Michael scenes! The booty beat music is excellent. Michael is so lithe and sensually expressive in his ultra-hot booty dance, even some slo-mo for enhance visual pleasure! There’s also Michael bare chested in jeans – a dream-like vision!

Thanks Matt!

Matt Ramsey
Matt Ramsey

August 06, 2017

Tim, thanks for the link to the Rip-Stop Adoni on Horseback video of Michael. I have to admit the one on this page with him in the pink set where one of the female staff goes to adjust his rump, around the 45 / 46 second mark is awesome. I see you are definitely a connoisseur and expert in bodyaware males and fashion. I love the vitality and spirit you bring. Regards..


August 03, 2017

Adoni’s precious little bum is even more adorable in the Cheeky Lace Split Brief. The muscle loving lay of the beautiful, open-pattern lace is visually and structurally enhanced the hyper-sexy, perfectly placed, split center seam. Michael modeled a Cheeky Lace Brief (blue) in American Cowboy in the scene I love best, when we get to watch Adoni sashay His fine ass across the barnyard! With the addition of the split seam, Adoni is easily the most adorable demigod in the undieworld! I have the Cheeky Lace Split Brief on notify as it’s all but completely sold out. I think it was up for just a few days!

I also have to get the new Showstopper Zip Bodysuit (before it’s also sold out!). The front view in yellow has the zip open in a classic V that invites extended navel gazing! A perfect little jewel in its finely cut, rack-of-abs setting. The rear oblique view in pink shows the incredible muscle show-through that the Showstopper fabric provides. With Michael’s muscle capped shoulders, and broad expanses of rippling back muscles, the look is super sexy retro – an impression reinforced by the snug, short “bicep” sleeves. The pouch is perfect and looks nice and heavy stuffed so full of Michael. The full seat is similarly gorgeous.

Michael modeled a BA bodysuit recently with side-by-side images first in just the suit, and then under a snug pair of black jeans. Either way and both ways the look is super sleek and sexy. In my view the Showstopper Zip is an ideal bodysuit for wear under favorite jeans.


July 21, 2017

Thanks Matt! I appreciate the complement very much. Have you checked out Michael in the new Just Breathe Tanga? The profile shot of His Adoni Endowment is really excellent! BA mesh tanga styles are perfect in the summer time. Michael’s large, lovely loins fill it out so perfectly! It’s enough to take your breath away. I love the turquoise color, but it’s already sold out in medium.

Here is the link for the Rip-Stop Adoni on Horseback video: http://bit.ly/2uiELQv Enjoy and please post more on our Adorable Adoni!

Matt Ramsey
Matt Ramsey

July 13, 2017

I concur with Tim and love your posts ! Your language is exquisite in describing Michael and agree on all of the aspects you point out and overall the following: Michael’s Adoni physique register a perfect 10 on my eye-candy meter too.
I would love to check out his video presentation for the Disco Ball Thong Southwest Ranch video on Instagram with him on horseback wearing the Rip-Stop Tanga – a personal favorite. How can I get to it?


June 12, 2017

Michael’s buns are stunningly beautiful and gloriously exposed in BodyAware’s Industrial Booty Short. The profile shot is to die for. The cut of the short matches the cut of Michael’s muscle in the mesh side panels. And those rounded cheeks! the IDB gives them the half-ass coverage that they truly deserve! The arms akimbo pose is one of my very favorites as it provides the most unobstructed view of Michael’s Adoni physique, often with critically sexy glimpses of rippling abs or a bulging basket.

Speaking of which, I had to have the Mini-Sparkler in the new dazzling purple color. Bright shiny objects can certainly have their allure! I got lucky with the tanga. but unsurprisingly the G was sold-out in my size. Michael’s form stuffs it so perfectly that the outline of his form shows throughout. The rear shot (red) is especially nice as the dimple in Adoni’s right cheek is on full sexy display. Michael’s dimples are like a swoosh of cyclic energy and register a perfect 10 on my eye-candy meter. Cuteness in a Wonder of World class!

The Industrial Booty Short is a masterpiece in sexy design. Thanks BodyAware!


January 29, 2017

If you adore Michael like I do, you’ll want to check out His video presentation for the Disco Ball Thong. He does an erotic bun dance that’s undoubtedly melting hearts around the world. The signing that he does at the end of the video is also very endearing, especially in combination with a bright warm smile. The world’s hottest underwear model.

There’s also a Southwest Ranch video on Instagram with Adoni on horseback wearing the Rip-Stop Tanga – a personal favorite. Michael achieves some very hot poses to display the muscular thickness of His shapely thighs and ultra-hot Adoni buns. The slight compression of His hard body physique is an unforgettable vision. It must have been fun for Adoni as well, as His Rip-Stop pouch keeps getting bigger as the shoot continues. … really hot!

The Disco Ball is currently sold out in my size (medium), both brief and thong. Hopefully it’ll be restocked soon. I on’t mind waiting as I can always watch the video again!


November 14, 2016

I neglected to mention the scene where Michael partially strips off his YogaAware Bodysuit converting it into a hot pair of shorts. Wow! The tight, muscular bounce of his awesome Adoni buns and ideally sculpted pecs is a super turn-on. And what a hot way to show off those exquisite, stairway to heaven, abs! It’s altogether a sexy hot exhibition! More BodyAware Video!


November 14, 2016

The SW Ranch BTS video is my top favorite so far! Adoni is such a natural in front of a camera. The hundred Watt smile is toatlly adorable, as is his playful, sexy and supremely confident attitude. I love it when he’s getting lots and lots of attention, his hair, the exact fit of the BodyAware style he’ll be modeling. The chaps fitting scene is super exciting. All he has do is look completely gorgeous and move a little bit this way or that!

Adoni’s abs have never been more spectacular or ever caught on camera in such an ideal setting, replete with perfect backdrops for display of his astonishing male beauty. It’s a great show and the Lace Brazil Brief was the perfect choice to complement and show off a completely awesome body. I particularly appreciated the music and Adoni’s natural, sensual movements to the beat!

Adoni’s rear prominence rivals his awesome abs in shape and beauty, and perfectly complements his ideal endowment. In The Naked Ape, Desmond Morris identifies a “compact, muscular butt” as the male’s number one sexual attraction. Adon’is number one turn-on is also his most prominent asset. And prominently on display! The chaps, lace and Stetson scene where Adoni is waling away from the camera and whooping it up a little for our visual pleasure is really fun and exciting to watch!

Thank You Michael and BodyAware! Please take us back to the SW dude ranch again real soon! I want to see Adoni modeling his favorite J-Furries Tail and those hot chaps! The kerchief, boots, everything, just perfect ….


October 24, 2016

Michael is Adonis redrawn by Tom of Finland. Any chance of a slow, 360 video of Michael in his favorite jeans? I’d love to see him being dressed down from hot&tight low-rise jeans to a Pure Silk Cupping Thong, or a Dreamsickle Jock. Feature length!

From the luxuriant mane crowning his handsome visage to the tip of his beautifully dimpled, J-Furries tail, Michael “has the look” – of a male demigod. His affinity for BodyAware is both completely natural and extremely gratifying.

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