The Xtremity Pouch, What John Hamm Really Needs!

Published July 29th 2013 by Ryan

With the size of John Hamm's (Mad Men) equipment trending on social media, more attention is being brought to the size of a man's package. Several studies have been conducted over the years on what the average man is packing down below. Any guess to what the average size is? The latest study says 14.15 centimeters, or 5.57 inches, fully erect.

Now if you are one of the many men that measures above to well above average, like Mr. John Hamm, finding the right underwear can be challenging. At Body Aware, we have addressed the battle of the well-endowed male vs. properly fitting underwear.

When it comes to underwear, most well-endowed men feel slighted and disadvantaged by the choices they think they must settle on.  Many well-endowed men end up choosing to wear boxers or boxer briefs that are one to two sizes too large just so the bulge does not cause the legs to fit snugly. Men, regardless of their package size, do not realize they have other options that will provide the superior comfort and support they are looking for.

At Body Aware, the discovery of an innovative trunk design, with a contoured pouch, has ended the quest for underwear that fits in all the right places. The Xtremity pouch, which has been incorporated into one of our most popular styles of briefs, has extra room in the pouch area for those men who need the perfect fit.  The Xtremity Pouch is formed by one comfortable, covered seam that allows all of your endowment to fall into place AND hang naturally.

Our Xtremity pouch underwear is the answer for well-hung guys and is what John Hamm really wants!


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Anonymous on June 6th 2015

My original equipment was on the average size. However, my wife somehow decided she wanted much more. I started on an enhancing quest and tried a myriad of technics. Contrary to what doctors say, male genital enhancing works to a degree. My original size flaccid was 3" after enhancement I am 5.5 " flaccid. The bad part is, l only gained 3/4ths of an inch erect. Thanks Body Aware for the larger pouches! I now have the room the needed for most of the day and enough room for an erection once in awhile too.

BunnGman on November 13th 2013

John Hamm really needs a BunnG