The latest trend in male underwear... LACE!

Published March 27th 2013 by Ryan

What we wear under our clothing can make us feel sexy, bold, or simply comfortable. Lace is lightweight, breathes, soft against your skin and divinely sexy. For centuries women have found both comfort and sensuality with lace, so why not for men? Just a few years ago, men began wearing women’s jeans because they were more comfortable than traditional male designs. It did not take long for clothing designers to recognize the trend and launch a line of low-cut jeans tailored to fit the male body. The same phenomenon is happening today with male lace underwear.

Just like with jeans, underwear designers are fashioning men their own lines of lace underwear, designed specifically to conform to their masculine bodies. BodyAware has developed some of the finest and most unique lace underwear collections for men. Through collaboration with our customers, European designers, and French and Italian lace-makers, BodyAware has combined a durable, yet very soft lace, with a masculine seam treatment to produce an attractive line of masculine lace underwear.

BodyAware's customers have always been ecstatic over the quality of our lace designs. The colors and textures are not only dazzling, but are colorfast despite rigorous wear and tear or multiple machine washings. BodyAware's specially constructed lace seams never fray and continue to protect the fabric and enhance the natural male physique for many wears.

For years, men have been shopping for sexy, lacy lingerie for their women to wear in the bedroom. Isn’t it time for women to enjoy sexy, lacy underwear on their counterparts? BodyAware's current lace collection includes Brazilian briefs, body boxers, leggings and bodysuits... all in gorgeous colors and textures and all machine or hand washable.


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tom on September 7th 2015

wore girl lace panties for years,then i found BA-now i have 2 weeks worth ready & waiting--all the colors they make-just have to be careful on the workout days in the gym-

Stuart on May 15th 2015

I am only allowed to wear lace or other pantie like underwear.

Bob Christian on April 3rd 2015

For years I wondered why men couldn't have sexy underwear that would make a guy have the same experience of feeling sexy about what was hidden by our Levis. I shopped in stores for years and finally on the web for sexy briefs and thongs for men without much success. Then five years ago, I found Body Aware not only carried sexy briefs but also made lace undies. I was thrilled at the idea of wearing lace on my skinny bum. My wife thinks its a little strange for a straight guy to wear lace and strut in front of the mirror but she likes the way my package and bum shows though all that lace. At last count, I have over sixty pairs of lace undies in my collection and will definitely will buy more.

Anon on November 15th 2014

I have your red lace jock, and love it. Wore All day under jeans. Felt awesome getting ready t order more lace tiday

michael reed on August 30th 2013

I have just bought my first pair of lace boxers , they are so comfortable and horny to wear , really turns the wife on too!

François on July 26th 2013

J'adore les sous-vêtements en dentelle de Body Aware. J'en porte quotidiennement depuis des années et j'aime leur légèreté, le confort qu'ils me procure, leur apparence super sexy. Ils me permettent de me sentir à la fois très mâle tout en créant en moi une divine sensation de féminité que tout mâle aime ou aimerait ressentir. Ils sont très esthétiques et exquis à porter et à regarder. Merci Body Aware.

Phil on July 23rd 2013

I just love lace underwear, they sure don't make enough different styles of them. The thongs are nice to wear and very comfortable...

Carmen & José Mª on July 17th 2013

Como europeos que somos tanto mi esposa como yo pienso que Europa es más abierta en mentalidad que EEUU. Disfrutamos más del sexo y lo hacemos con una mente mucho más atrevida, en Europa y concretamente en España tenemos menos prejuicios. Agradecemos a Xdress y Bodyaware su línea de moda en ropa interior. Es muy divertida y atrevida, haciendo mucho más interesante y peculiar nuestras relaciones y momentos íntimos con el uso de estas prendas tan originales. Desde aquí os animamos a que sigáis diseñando modelos aún más atrevidos y sexis en esa línea femenina para el hombre. Muchas gracias por vuestros diseños

William on June 22nd 2013

I do own some nice lace undies -briefs, boxer and string- and they are the best. Like others say: it really does breath, no sweaty mess. My wife likes it a lot, though it took a few days to realize that it might not be that strange in this day and age for men to wear lace. I think it's nice and sexy. Waiting for the day I can wear them to the gym without being called crazy when i'm in the dressingroom.

Dustin Nichols on May 30th 2013

I think it's great that lace is now an option for men. I own a pair that I bought from your site, and they are incredibly comfortable, not to mention breathable. My wife was skeptical when I got it, but she gets turned on when I wear her lace underwear if we're fooling around, and when she saw me in mine, the skepticism was gone. We both enjoy the lace very much, and I look forward to buying more in the future.

Mystique on May 23rd 2013

Who says that sexy underwear are just for women? Men can certainly rock it too. Quite contrary to popular belief, lingerie is not just for women wear.

Bill on May 9th 2013

I think its great that guys finally are getting lace underwear! There are a lot of brands offering it, and hopefully the day will come when you see mens lace underwear in the regular stores. Thank you Body Aware for really setting the movement in motion, with the sexiest mens lace underwear available! "Regular" guys can now wear sexy lace panties made just for us, and why not? guys look every bit as sexy in lace as women do......we should have the choices to wear anything we like!