Behind the Scenes

Published May 15th 2013 by Kiri

Photoshoot 3

Ever wonder what it is like to go to a photo shoot and observe what goes on? Well I did and got the chance to go behind the scenes at a Body Aware photo shoot. In all honesty, I was slightly nervous before I went because I didn’t have any idea of what to expect at an underwear photo shoot. After I got there, it really only took a few minutes for me to realize, it was nothing like I expected; it was much more relaxed and laid back.

The studio had stuff everywhere; it was hard for me to decide where to begin or how to document what goes on behind the scenes. There was a small dressing room for the model to change in. Near the kitchen area, which was stocked with plenty of snacks, was the rack of underwear and various items to be photographed that day. At this rack, quite a bit of decision making went on between Kristina and Pauline about which item to have the model wear next.


You may think that it is all seriousness when taking the photographs, at least I thought so, but it was not that way. In the short time that I spent observing, there was a lot of laughing; which in turn lead to retakes of photos because the model kept smiling at our jokes or compliments. The ever so popular “pop your booty” phrase was often being said by both the photographer and Kristina.

To make sure that the underwear looked its best while being photographed, minor adjustments were made between shots. After every photograph, the image pops up on the monitor and is either given the thumbs up or thumbs down. And every once in a while, something strange might be seen; I will never forget Kristina mentioning “your brains are showing” and it taking the men a few moments to catch on.

The entire experience won’t soon be forgotten. I want to thank Kristina and Pauline from Body Aware and both the Michaels for allowing me to come observe what goes on behind the scenes at a photo shoot.


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Nate on September 27th 2013

Michael is handsome haha. How many items did he model already?

johnny b good on June 27th 2013

maybe the next Bodyaware contest is to be able to attend a photo shoot!